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The Talon Series

  • : Assassins of Alamut

    Assassins of Alamut
    An epic novel of Persia and Palestine during the Crusdaes, "The Assassins of Alamut" is a riveting tale, painted on the vast canvas of life in Palestine and Persia during the 12th century.

  • : Knight Assassin

    Knight Assassin
    A joyous homecoming turns into a nightmare, as a trained assassin must do the one thing he didn't want to do-become an assassin again. Knight Assassin is story of treachery, greed, love, and heroism set in the Middle Ages, just prior to the Third Crusade

  • : Assassination in Al-Qahirah

    Assassination in Al-Qahirah
    A riveting tale of courage, comradeship, sacrifice, and treachery in the time of the Crusades Talon is finally returning to the Holy Land to search for his lost friends, but Fate has other plans for him.

  • : Greek Fire : Book Four of Talon

    Greek Fire : Book Four of Talon
    Talon and Max are offered a mission in Constantinople that obligates him to follow the Emperor to war to free Byzantine lands from the Seljuk Turks. But aristocrats have made a deal with Arab pirates to sell the one weapon the Byzantine Empire has to defend itself, Greek Fire, to an enemy bent upon the Empire's destruction.

  • James Boschert: A Falcon Flies Book Five of Talon

    James Boschert: A Falcon Flies Book Five of Talon
    Talon has returned to Acre the crusader port after more than a year in Byzantium. He is now a rich man, the owner of ships and and in possession of a license to play the merchant within the Empire to the north. However riches bring enemies and his past is about to catch up with him as accusations of witchcraft have followed him from Languedoc.

Historical Fiction

  • James Boschert: Force 12 in German Bight

    James Boschert: Force 12 in German Bight
    The legendary BBC Shipping Forecast and one which experiences some of the worst weather conditions around the British Isles. Boschert offers a fast-paced story which smacks of authenticity in every line. A world of hard men, hard liquor, hard drugs and cold-blooded murder.

  • James Boschert: When the Jungle is Silent

    James Boschert: When the Jungle is Silent
    Set in Borneo during a little known war against the Communists this story tells of the British soldiers who fought in one of the densest jungles in the world.