Assassins of Kantara 

Assassins of Kantara by James Boschert

Format Paperback / eBook
Publication Date 04/19/17
ISBN 9781942756903
Trim Size 6×9 in
Pages 580


BOOK 7 — After returning the heads of assassins to the Master of Hashashini, Talon flees with his family and closest companions to the Kingdom of Jerusalem to escape retribution. But death and disaster follow them, dashing hopes of finding a safe haven. Talon and Max travel to Cyprus only to discover that it is ruled by a psychopathic tyrant. The self-styled emperor Isaac Komnenos captured the island earlier in the year with the help of mercenaries and is plundering his kingdom into destitution.

When Talon swindles Komnenos out of a prominent castle fortress, he quickly earns the emperor’s enmity and the population’s support.
With old and new enemies determined to eliminate him, Talon must bring to bear the martial arts skills he learned in China, his training as an assassin, and his skills as a leader. At stake is his survival—and that of his newfound followers.


As with all of the author’s work, Assassins of Kantara seamlessly weaves fictional episodes into historical frameworks, and does so unlaboriously. The reader’s never overcome by expository excursions that detract from the story. Rather, the author takes pains to use history as context only, history providing the advantage of absolute verisimilitude to which fiction can only aspire.”
Amazon Review

“…That is why it was hard to put down this book. It would be the same thing, as if you are addicted to rush of adrenaline in your body, you are addicted here to what happens on next page in struggle between Talon vs Evil. James B. is very skillful writer in building tension around his characters. The literary tension is reader’s rush of adrenaline, here.
Amazon Review

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