The Dragon’s Breath 

The Dragon's Breath by James Boschert

Format Paperback / eBook
Publication Date 02/17/16
ISBN 9781942756521
Trim Size 6×9 in
Pages 584


BOOK 6 — Talon, an assassin turned knight turned merchant, is restless. Enticed by tales of lucrative trade, he sets sail for the coasts of Africa and India. Traveling with him are his wife and son, eager to share in this new adventure, as well as Reza, his trusted comrade in arms. Treasures beckon at the ports, but Talon and Reza quickly learn that dangers attend every opportunity, and the chance rescue of a Chinese lord named Hsü changes their destination–and their fates.

Hsü introduces Talon to the intricacies of trading in China and the sophisticated wonders of Guangzhou, China’s richest city. Here the companions discover wealth beyond their imagining. But Hsü is drawn into a political competition for the position of governor, and his opponents target everyone associated with him, including the foreign merchants he has welcomed into his home. When Hsü is sent on a dangerous mission to deliver the annual Tribute to the Mongols, no one is safe, not even the women and children of the household. As Talon and Reza are drawn into supporting Hsü’s bid for power, their fighting skills are put to the test against new weapons and unfamiliar fighting styles. It will take their combined skills to navigate the treacherous waters of intrigue and violence if they hope to return to home.


The Talon series of books is for me an addiction. While waiting for The Dragons Breath, I read the whole series again. I have been to many of the places describes, in fact I was born in Malaya and The Dragons Breath brought back the sites, smells and the sounds of the jungle which brings back memories of the Ulu and Sakais; the rapid fire speech of the Chinese Towkes, eighteen course feasts, curries ,real ones. I am very impressed with the research the author does and which brings everything alive for me.
Amazon Review

Amazing series and an amazing book. The series just keeps on getting better. James Boschert is an amazing storyteller who has the ability to project you into this time period and gives you the ability to see the things as they may have been at the time. Now I’m just anxiously waiting for the next one.
Amazon Review

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